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The practice of katsugen, yuki, and gyoki together with the observation of the osei in our daily lives help us find our own original spontaneous movements and to discover how their blockage gets manifested physically and psychically in ourselves and in the others.
The purpose of the SEITAI activity is to give support and to share this experience.

Noguchi was aware of the need of each individual to find his own spontaneous movement and to discover the way it gets blocked. Since human culture did not tackle this issue, he founded SEITAI as a cultural society whose aim was to develop the spontaneous manifestation of our own nature collectively.

In the different group sessions and seminars, we foster the space to restore the flexibility of our spontaneous movements, to practice katsugen, yuki, and gyoki so that they will become spontaneous in our daily lives, to share our different experiences in this practice, and to get a deeper perception of our spontaneous manifestations.

The individual sessions focus on the communication whereby the subject can feel the area in his or her organism where the EPT is located with the maximum precision that is possible. The subject’s perception about the actual state of stagnation of his or her own nature will eventually arouse the spontaneous desire to restore his or her natural movement.

Since we usually identify ourselves with either of the two parts of our dressed conscious or culturally educated conscious, the SEITAI approach tries to retrieve the spontaneous conscious and to restore the flexible oscillation between both areas of the conscious. Towards the end of his life, Noguchi used to say that the practice of katsugen undo and yuki were simple and valuable ways to establish an “internal dialogue”.

SEITAI views health disorders and sickness as the opportunity that will enable us to feel the blockage of our spontaneous manifestations. Thus, in such instances, both the practice and the individual orientation are aimed at overcoming or at easing up this particular health problem avoiding any type of therapeutic action.

The life of each human being undergoes different and complex situations. The SEITAI’s goal is to allow each individual to be able to express fully his or her own original and unique nature. The way the individual will enable his nature to interweave with the events in his life is also original and it can only be discovered and carried out by the individual himself.

Another important issue for the SEITAI culture is the way future generations will use the dressed area of our conscious. The development of the dressed conscious should enable these generations to find clear ways of expression that will lead them to create some culture that will not be in conflict with the huge process of evolution that began in the Universe thousands of million of years ago.
The revolutionary nature of the human species is extraordinary but it is not superior to the nature of any one of the other species. Each one of these species has its own remarkable aspects and we will always need to get to know them better so that we can understand the spontaneous movement of life.

The development of our spontaneous manifestations is essentially empiric. It involves many different aspects that have to do with life-health, with ourselves, with our communication with the others, with culture, and with the world. These aspects can only be known and understood by going through them in our daily lives and throughout time:
It is difficult to find the right words to express these life experiences that reach deep down in each one of us although they are very obvious and real at the empirical level or when we feel them.

Haruchika Noguchi’s discovery about the osei and the structure of the spontaneous movement or osei framework as well as the approach he took about the spontaneous practice of katsugen, yuki, and gyoki are an extremely valuable guideline for every person to be able to deploy and understand by him or herself his/her own movement and the movement of others.

Definitely, the SEITAI fundation, which is only fifty years old, is just the beginning of a new social and cultural perspective to get to know, understand, and live our wonderful human nature more fully.


“SEITAI: Observ the life, understand it and recovering the vitality”

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