the spontaneus inhibited



Our heads are a component part of our CVPs. Thus, they cannot work separately from the other constituents but according to their vital needs or their specific states. The thoughts that arise within our heads show the natural association between psyche and soma, and between conscious and non conscious. For example, we feel some spontaneous urge of which we become aware, that is, we feel the desire to:

  • be left alone with our own thoughts, in a quiet surrounding. This happens when our heads get activated as a result of the non conscious cell activity of the neurons
  • walk and move forward feeling free, not being disturbed by anybody. This happens when our shoulders get activated as a result of the non conscious activity of the muscular cells
  • laugh, cry, chat, and communicate pleasantly with somebody else. This happens when the mid area of the chest gets stimulated as a result of the non conscious activity of the cells that form the digestive apparatus and the circulatory system
  • take care of the people close to us so that they will not lack anything. This happens when our waists are strong as a result of the non conscious action of the cells that form the excretory system
  • love, share our inner self with somebody else and to think only of one’s family or of something on absolute terms. This happens when the pelvis closes or opens as a result of the non conscious action of the connective cells that form the reproductive system.

When the desire that has aroused within us is frustrated, repressed, or inhibited, those regions of our CVPs that had been previously activated as a response to this desire undergo some excessive partial tension or EPT:

The activation, A tension, of those cells-tissues that are responsible for the arousal of some specific desire cannot switch back to the relaxing state they need. If inhibition continues, the EPT cannot relax no matter how long we rest or sleep, the tissues that have been activated get stiff, and the chest-abdominal breathing gets shorter. All this happens in relation with the permanent state of over-excitation in some specific brain areas together with the obsession that arises in their corresponding psyche. As a consequence, our health deteriorates.

Although the difficulties met in switching from a tense to a relax state could also be due to feeling tired or to physical or psychic impacts, the inhibition of desire is the main cause of the EPT and consequently, of our health problems.

When some health disorders followed by some illness appear in our organisms, we want to be cured fast and we turn to orthodox medicine or alternative therapies for help. It is at this moment when we forget that we are alive thanks to our own organism’s intelligence and vital force, the very same organism that generates our spontaneous manifestation and that undergoes its blockage.

Since culture has not paid enough attention to spontaneous manifestation, it has not been able to perceive that the intense stagnation of the vital force in each human being is the main internal cause of our health problems.

Since research only focuses on the external causes related to any type of illness and its results are widely published through the media, people have been lead to believe that the external pathogen agents or the situations we are in are the only causes responsible for our health problems.

Actually, we undergo the effects of the EPT in our every day lives as described below:

  • physical manifestation of the EPT: some specific cells-tissues are overactive, worn out, weak or stiff. This anomalous state leads to the accumulation of toxic substances and to the loss of the natural association between the cells-tissues under the EPT and other cells-tissues in the organism.
  • psychic manifestation: over-excitation of some specific psyche and obsession as a result of the permanent activation of the corresponding brain areas. These brain areas are related with the cells-tissues under the EPT and with the corresponding regions of the CVP (and of the extremities).

The excessive partial tension lies beneath many phenomena that are usually referred to as illness. In order to become aware of our own EPT and of the degree it has reached, the simple practice of katsugen undo and yuki together with the following hints are extremely important.

The spontaneous defense mechanisms in our own nature to withstand the EPT

Our own organisms alert us about the unusual accumulation of EPT (they urge our conscious, which has already separated from our non conscious, to perceive the EPT). To bring the EPT down our organisms use different ways: ramps, cough, mucus, hiccup, skin disorders, different types of pain, vomit, diarrhea, concentrated urine, bad sweat smell, and, above all, common cold. The task of these types of “abnormal states” is to increase, spontaneously, the activation of some specific areas in our organisms. As a result of this spontaneous activation the anomalous internal state will disappear and our health will be restored. This is the A (autonomous) process of the EPT.

On the other hand, as our EPT increases reaching different degrees, our organisms transfer the excessive tension from the area where it originated to other areas and oseis so that it can be dealt with or compensated. This is possible, thanks to the vital interdependence among all the parts of the CVP and the five oseis. Some examples of this transfer are: we can restrain our emotions by putting some strength on our shoulders; constipation is compensated, from time to time, with diarrhea; the frustration of the sexual desire can be eased up by frequent urination. The osei framework allows us to discover different natural ways that will help us deal with our excessive tension either by acting as support or by transferring the tension to other regions and oseis. We will call these mechanisms natural resources to withstand the EPT.

The observation of both the A process of the EPT and the natural resources in our organisms shows us that our health is not based on the absence of anomalous processes but on our strong capacity to undergo and overcome them. The accumulation of EPT and the way our organisms deal with it to solve this problem is something that is inherent in human nature.


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